Friday, May 14, 2010


If your 9 year old son lifts weights in an effort "to get a six-pack" then leaves said weights in the middle of the carpet so that you manage to hit a five pound hand weight with your little toe when you are walking through the room making a lovely "crunch" and then said little toe swells up and turns purple so it looks like a grape you will not be wearing these shoes anytime soon. Thought you might want to know.

Oh and as a side effect your 9 year old son learns some words he probably shouldn't know until he leaves home and joins the Navy. Yes, Mom cussed like a sailor.


Z. Marie said...

I did something similar a couple of years ago. Ugh.
Oh, and I have another sighting of those shoes to report. One of the nurses in the laser eye surgery center I gave a friend a ride to this week was wearing them. Somehow I was able to contain my excitement.

Monica said...

ouch. after cursing i would have reached for the nearest swatting instrument (like say a flip-flop) and started swatting away. ;o)

Shannon said...

Zoe -The shoes are going viral! LOL! They are comfortable when your toes aren't impersonating grapes. Wore them up to the base the other day. I caught so many people staring at my toes! It was a little disconcerting.

Monica that's illegal in Germany, beside what are flip flops? I think I have forgotten. Mid 50 and rain again today. So my toe hurts and my feet are cold.

Monica said...

WHAT??? illegal in germany??? i knew i didn't like germany. ;o) sorry about the flip-flop reference, girl. they are gorgeous rubber (or sometimes more fancy) shoes that allow your wonderful pedicures to be enjoyed. you will have one month to wear the heck out of them soon. :o)))

Connie said...

My kids ran around with the handweights, and left them in toe-endangering places, when they were much younger (pretty silly to see a 2 yr staggering around with 3-5lb weights in each hand, I worried about THEIR toes, but they never hurt themselves). They've learned ... finally ... to keep them where they belong. Now, if the darn trampoline would stop traveling... Hope your toe heals fast. ow :(