Thursday, May 25, 2017


As parents we usually don’t know the impact our kids have on others. It is not until they are gone from the environment they affect that we truly find out. When people, which as parent, I have little or no interaction with come up to me and ask, “Hey where is Grayson?” Reply with the same answer each time, “He has gone back to the States for the summer.” The expression on their face turns to one of disappointment or sadness. Apparently when Grayson goes out to play during his free time from school, he interacts with just about anyone he can find. There is not a single person on the housing compound that does not know Grayson. After seeing the expression on their faces I quickly reply, “He will back at the end of summer.” The expressions go from one of sadness to one of relief and then back to being happy. I don’t really know what kind of interaction Grayson has with the people he meets, but it is clear through my interactions with them, that he clearly has an impact and it is clear it is a good one that brings joy to another life. As a parent, I cannot be more proud of him. But it does make me question what impact I have on the people I meet? I can only hope that when I am gone people we have the same reverence for me as they do my son. I hope he never looses his ability to interact in a positive manner with the people he meets.