Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daddy's Home...

...and all is right with the world!

Monday, June 29, 2009

First Day of Work

Cody has his first summer job this year.  He had one week off between the end of school and the beginning of his summer job.  Here is a picture taken early this morning just before he headed off to his first day of work.  I hope he woke up a bit while riding the bus.  He was looking pretty sleepy.  Still I think he was glad to get out of the house and away from his little brothers for a while, plus the money is always a good thing!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hedgehogs...Ummm Yeah

When we lived in Jakarta one of the boys friends had a pet hedgehog.  The boys were insanely jealous so David told them if you can find a hedgehog you can keep it.  Want to guess what they found hiding in a bush today? No they didn't find a hedgehog, they found TWO hedgehogs. Thanks Dad!  

Oh this can't be good! They look like they are in training to be the next Kratt brothers.

Those are either hedgehogs or really big pincushions.

Definitely hedgehogs. They are kinda cute, don't you think?

I found out a few things today. Their friend's hedgehog was a pygmy hedgehog. It could fit in the palm of one hand, it was really tiny. These guys were bigger than a softball but a little smaller than a volleyball. It would have taken both hand to pick on up. No I didn't try to pick one up but I did pet one, they are a bit prickly. My husband is lucky he is still in Saudi because the kids clearly remember Dad saying they could keep a hedgehog if they could find one. I overruled that since he isn't here. They took it better than I thought they would.

David this video is for you. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last Day of School - Part 2

Friday the 19th was Dakota's last day of school.  He is now finished with 11th grade and on to his senior year.  Just one more year before he is done with school.  How did that happen?  

In time honored fashion he greeted the end of the school year with a party.  After school he and his compadres went to some place in Oberursel called the Brew Haus.  Yes I love Germany where my baby can buy beer legally.  Anyway in due course they showed up at our house as far as I could tell all were sober so that was a good start!  They hung around outside for awhile playing football (American football, not soccer) and being teenagers.  I am sure my neighbors were loving me.  Ha! They did come inside around 9 so they weren't out there making noise too late.  

Inside they ate tacos, cake, went through 4 boxes of soda and a whole lotta chips. They watched several movies and basically acted like teenagers. I spent much of this time banished to some out of the way corner so as not to embarrass Dakota. Actually I spent most of the time in my little office under the stairs instant messaging with David who is STILL in Saudi. That way I was out of the way but still able to keep an eye on things. Hey I was a teenager once!

Busted! Dakota spotted me hanging out the window taking pictures of the party. Don't worry that's not a real tattoo. After the Brew Haus the gang headed to the Zeil in downtown Frankfurt where a bunch them got airbrush tattoos.

Maybe he should have taken ballet instead of violin all these years. Look at that form he is a natural!

Teenagers in their natural environment just hanging out!

Just another picture of Dakota and his friends.


Watching a movies, the rest of the kids are eating (see above picture).

Everybody say CHEESE! 

Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Day of School - Part 1

Yesterday was Grayson's last day of his first year of school. He attend a part day preschool and I am really pleased with how much he learned! It is hard to believe that school is over already even though his friends back in the states have been out for weeks. Maybe it is the cool temperatures but it just doesn't feel like summer. He had great day. He got to ride bikes on the way to school with his friend Charlie.

They rode to school together most days this spring. Both boys have the little wooden bikes with no pedals that are so common here. Our house is a little closer to the school so Grayson would pause next to our house, watch for Charlie, then race back to join him. They would ride on together. That's Grayson in the picture above waring the blue helmet and back pack racing back to join his friend. After school we would ride to Charlie's house drop him off then ride back to ours. They really are too cute together!

Once at school it was right to work. There are 4 small tables in the class room. Each morning when the kids would enter there was always activities set out on the tables waiting for the kids. Grayson started the last day with some drawing. I took a few pictures then slipped away quietly.

After school let out at noon there was a BBQ and party to celebrate. Interestingly most of the kids ate very little choosing instead to run around and play. There was lots of fun to be had and it was a lovely way to end the school year.

This morning Grayson is celebrating his first full day of summer by having a special treat. Breakfast in front of the TV. Scrambled eggs, pancakes, and sausage all while watching Little Einstein's. SHHHH! Don't tell Dad!

Everyone deserves to be spoiled once in a while!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday-Königstein Medieval Festival

A New Dishwasher and Other News

I just finished loading the dishwasher. Wheee! In case you think I have lost my mind you need to understand that A) I have four boys which makes for a lot of dirty dishes and B) my husband is out of town on business for a month so of course the dishwasher broke about 3 days after he left. I called maintenance and have been patiently waiting and waiting and waiting for it to be fixed. Today it didn't get fixed, it got replaced, TWICE. The first machine they carried up three and half flights of stairs to my apartment had exactly the same problem as the old one. Namely the dirty water won't drain, it just sits there getting more and more smelly. So out it went and a little while later they were back with a brand new, still has the factory stickers on it, dishwasher. Yay! Life is good. It takes so little to make me happy.

We have passed the half way point in Dave's TDY and now we are counting down to his return. In just two weeks he will be back home. In just two weeks and two days we will have our very first visitor here in Germany. Aunt Teri is coming to town! As excited as the boys are you would think Santa Claus is coming to town. Her room is all clean and ready for her to arrive. Here is a picture of Fluffy enjoying the newly cleaned kitty window seat. I hope Teri doesn't mind sharing a room with a fat and lazy cat.

Cody is at this minute performing in his last drama production of the year (and he assures me his last EVER). So why am I blogging instead of cheering him on? Because the baby sitter came down with the stomach flu. Oh well. He had a very small role this time so I am trying not to be too bummed, besides I video taped the last production in which he had a leading role. The little guys are enjoying a very rare treat, TV during the school week. They were excited about having their favorite sitter come over. They looked terribly sad when I told them that plans had changed so I am letting them watch about 30 minutes of Tom and Jerry.

Ribbon shed again. That makes 4 times since we got her. How often are snakes supposed to shed anyway? I wonder if we are feeding her too much, or maybe not enough? All I know is right now she looks very shiny and her colors are very bright. I don't know how long she will stay that way since she spends most of her time curled up under a log. Snakes are very boring pets most of the time. In case you wondered the boys have saved each shed snake skin and have them on display upstairs. Ewwwww! Sooner or later I am going to have to reach in there to get the skin out so they can add it to their collection. I wonder if it can stay there until Dave gets home. No? I didn't think so.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

9 years old!

Alonzo turned 9 today.  It hardly seems possible.  Just yesterday he was a tiny baby.  This year we didn't do the party thing. David is out of town so he had to miss the fun today, but before he left had a special day with Alonzo to celebrate.  Alonzo was allowed to skip school, hang out with Dad, and go shopping for his present.  He chose a wooden chess set.  I think he chose well.

Today is his actual birthday.  To celebrate each of his brothers made him a gift.  
Grayson made him a set of juggling balls from balloons and lentils.  

Colin made him an archboard marble set.

Cody made him a button skeeball set.

I made him a cookbook with his very favorite recipe inside, waffles.  Now he can learn to make them for himself.

On top of his planned presents he received two more things.  New shoes,

and new glasses.

Both of were not so much presents as necessities since he manage to break both his glasses and his shoes this week and he still has two weeks of school left.

Oh, and one more thing.  What birthday would be complete without a cake?  He asked for a cake that was stacked like wedding cake,  carrot cake with chocolate chips and pecans.  This is what I came up with.

I flat refused to put chocolate chips in a carrot cake.  That's just gross! I put them on the frosting instead.  Speaking of frosting, what's with cream cheese frosting?  It never seems to work right for me.  Even though I ended up putting in a lot of extra sugar trying to make it stiffer, it still sort of oozed off the cake after a while.  It tasted OK though, and I guess that's what counts in the end.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I know that David being out of town has nothing really to do with anything in the house breaking down so how come both the shower and the dishwasher have broken in the last week?  Nothing has broken in months.  It was just waiting for him to go out of town.  On top of that Colin has locked himself in the bathroom upstairs and won't come out.  Not a bad strategy.  If I wasn't afraid the kids would burn down the house I would lock myself in the bathroom with a glass of wine, bubble bath, and a good book.  

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The “B” word

I’m Bored!

The “B” word is not to be spoken in our house because there is always something to be done. When one of my children utters the “B” word, I always remind them that I can find something for them to do. I find myself away from my family and find myself uttering the words “I’m bored!”

“I’m bored and it is really HOT!!! “

The temperature is about 112 degree and I can’t really go anywhere. There is a pool at the Embassy but it is hot there also. It is only about a 6 minute walk to the Embassy but by the time I get there the water in my ice cold bottle has turned to hot water for tea and any chocolate I have in my bag has liquefied… just add milk. Oh, and one can only watch so much TV.

Today was my Saturday and tomorrow will be my Sunday. I ate lunch and watch President Obama’s speech at Uncle Sam’s. I thought the speech was really good and addressed some topics others have not wanted to address. After words I took a six minute back to my apartment and had some hot tea from my bottled water.

“Did I mention? I’m bored!”

Tomorrow I will go shopping for food. That should be really interesting. I hope to avoid using the “B” word tomorrow. I can only hope that this potty mouth of mine will not continue when I return home to my family.