Friday, May 28, 2010

I am at the dentist! HELP!

I have a toothache so I am going to the dentist this morning. I hate dentists. No offense to any dentists who might be reading this, it's nothing personal. I really don't want to think about what he is going to do to my tooth. All those shots and drilling and x-rays. Ugh! So instead I present this totally cute picture of David helping the boys with a craft project. I will be back when I have recovered from the trauma of it all.


Connie said...

Craft projects are much more fun than the dentist! Good luck!

Z. Marie said...

Sorry about the dentist! I hope it's not too bad.
I must admit that when I saw the photo, I didn't think, "What fun! A craft project!" What I thought was, "Oh, look! A U.S. government-provided dining room table and chairs!"

Shannon said...

Connie--A lot more fun. Dentist had the hygienist clean my teeth and said to come back next week for x-rays and fillings.

Zoe--Ugly aren't they? Bet you are glad to be going to an unfurnished post. I truly hate the furniture. It is solid and functional but so ugly.

A Daring Adventure said...

Oh, honey!

Sorry that the dentist is now looming in your future, instead of safely in your past.

Zoe, you are too funny! But every time I see ANY picture from ANYONE overseas, all I think of is, "Oh LOOK! It's housing overseas!!"

Connie said...

Every time I see furniture photos, I can't help but think "that's MY furniture!" (despite the fact I'd never actually choose this style, but still...) It's eerie seeing the same stuff in other people's houses! You'd think I'd get used to it. btw - there are new styles of furniture coming available. The wood items are similar to what we have already, but the sofas are decidedly modern. Not sure how they hold up, but I've seen a couple places with it now.

Jen said...

Now do the chairs have the standard white or off-white cushions that they simply must give to folks, especially those with kids? Not that mine ever spilled anything, but....:-)

Jill said...

You know... we got different furniture in this house. New couches and even a different style of dining room table than I've ever seen anywhere else. But it's still the Drexel cr*p... though with a blue dining chair that hides some of the stains better than the white covered ones did!

Glad to hear your dentist appt went OK. I'm going back tomorrow to get my crown started... oh I'm not looking forward to that one!

Shannon said...

Blue would be an improvement! We have the dreadful white ones, at least they used to be white before my kids. I am so totally going to end up paying for damage to that stupid dining room set that never in a million years would I have bought. Whose idea was it to have upholstered fabric seats in the dining room with KIDS??

I hate drexel, it looks like someone's grandmother picked it out!

A Daring Adventure said...

Hey girl!

This Nurse Practitioner FS applicant blogger is headed to Malawi for a medical mission trip soon, and will be there for two weeks!

How cool is that?!

When I read that, I thought of you. :)