Friday, May 21, 2010

Can Cats Go Senile?

I think my cat is a little senile. Is that even possible? Can cats go senile?

Today was grocery day. Unloading the groceries here is a major production. First I try to find a parking spot as close to my building as possible. Today I can actually see my van from the house so not bad, only 1 building away, or half a block, you chose. Then I unload all the groceries onto the sidewalk. Next I make trip after trip to our building and dump everything at the foot of the stairs until everything is inside the building. Now comes the the fun part, lugging load after load up 3 1/2 flights of stairs to our apartment. I know it has been said, but if you are a big family thinking about coming to Frankfurt please know you WILL be on the 3rd and 4th floors of a building with no elevators.

So what does this have to do with senile cats? I leave my apartment door open while hauling everything upstairs so I don't have to fumble with the keys every single trip. It usually takes 6-8 trips up the stairs to get everything into the house. Today the cat followed me downstairs when I headed down for the second load. Then on the third trip up I found him staring at one of the downstairs neighbor's doors while meowing loudly. So I dropped off the third load and made a trip just to retrieve the cat and deposit him on the sofa before heading back down for the fourth load. On the way back up I found him in front of another neighbors house meowing pitifully. I dropped off the groceries make another trip just to retrieve the cat and deposit him FIRMLY on the sofa. On the way back up with the fifth I passed the stupid cat again and decided to ignore him and hope I wasn't not irritating the neighbors too much.

Finally all eight loads safely inside I made one more trip to retrieve the cat but couldn't find him. I walked through the basement corridor, no cat. Opened door and peeked outside just incase someone went out and he slipped out with him, no cat. Thought about knocking on the neighbors doors and asking if they let him in when I heard a confused sounding meow coming from somewhere overhead. He had walked all the way back upstairs, past our open apartment door to the very top floor and was meowing at the attic door.

I have no idea if the cat is senile or just trying to find a house without kids. Grayson likes to carry him around like a stuffed animal, and the stupid thing lets him. He never bites the kids but let him see me with a kitty comb and there is going to be blood shed, mine!

I made an extra 3 trips up and down the stairs thanks to Fluffy, who is now asleep and snoring on the love seat, right where I was planning to sit down and read my new book. He is going to have to move! I am going to read until it is time to pick up the kids, right after I put all the groceries away that is.

WHAT??? It is only ONE book. Believe me I was good! Really I was. It is a paperback too so it doesn't weigh much. I put the other six books back. I was good!


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Monica said...

YES, cats can go senile. trust me. quentin did. it happened right after maverick died - which is how i KNOW it was senility!!! good luck.

Donna said...

Well, but on the plus side, you don't have to waste any money on a gym membership if you're taking 10 trips up the stairs just to unload your groceries. I think you earned some time on the couch with a good book.

Anonymous said...

How funny!! Poor Fluffy. He just wanted to make sure you were paying attention to him. Don't you wonder how old he really is? I don't think the kids bother him anymore because he finds places to escape their grip!! Meow!