Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's a Monday

Well no, it's a Tuesday, but Monday was a German holiday so Dave and the three younger boys had the day off. We went bowling then played outside the rest of the afternoon. A week ago it was 52 and raining. Since Friday it has been in the mid 70's and sunny. What a wonderful change! I worked out perfectly because this weekend was the Cub Scout camp out, but that is David's story to tell.

Today I am back to cleaning. I am TIRED of cleaning, so very very tired! To keep me moving I am setting the timer for 30 minutes during which I work like a dog, then the pay off I get to take a 1o minute feet up break. I am almost done with the dining room and it isn't even noon yet. Whoops there is the timer. Back to work for me!

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A Daring Adventure said...

You go, Girl!!

You are my hero! And you have your very own cheerleading squad here in Virginia!

Go, Shannon!