Sunday, May 23, 2010

Food Dreams

I am very chatty lately, probably because when I am blogging I am not cleaning something to get ready for pack out. Avoidance by blogging it is bound to be better for me than drowning my woes in chocolate or beer. Certainly it keeps my clothes fitting better.

Speaking of food, is anyone else out there who's getting for homeleave or R&R starting to fantasize about food? I actually have a list of places I MUST eat at while we are home. No really I do. It is taped up in the kitchen. Tios for breakfast tacos (Paul my order is 1 barbacoa, 1 chorizo con papas, and one carne guisada- Don't let me down I want those for breakfast my first morning in Texas!), donuts and kolaches from Shipley's on Bandera, a Route 44 strawberry limeade from Sonic, BBQ from Rudy's Country Store, Mexonesia shrimp flautas and tres leche cake from Hula Hut in Austin, and of course girls night out at the Melting Pot. Last night I dreamed about chimchangas. I woke up wondering if I should get my chimichanga fix from Papasitos or Alamo Cafe. I want chili rellanos too, any recommendations on the best chile rellanos in San Antonio? Pathetic isn't it?

The one thing I can't find in San Antonio is really good Chinese food. Not just any Chinese food but Xaio Long Bao (soup dumplings) from Din tai Fung. And here we pause for a special shout out to Global Jacob who started me off on this particular food craving. Thanks dude, I can't stop thinking about those little packages of soupy yummy goodness. He wrote an amazing post which petty much explains why Taiwan is one of my dream posts, just for the food.

In Jakarta there was a Din Tai Fung within walking distance of the house, it was actually quicker to walk than to drive thanks to Jakarta traffic, so walk we did. It was a rare week that David and I didn't indulge in at least one meal there and of course every meal featured Xaio Long Bao. There is only one Din Tai Fung in the entire United States and it is in Los Angeles, that is so not in walking distance from our house (OK fine, my brother-in-law's house) in San Antonio. We will hit DC for a week before heading out, so is there any place in DC where we can get some decent Xaio Long Bao? Anyone? Please? Hook a girl up!

Oh and if there is, would anyone out here be brave enough to babysit my heathens, I mean my three darling children?


A Daring Adventure said...

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!!!!

I can't even read it all!!!

Too yummy-sounding!

And I loved your kitty cat blog post... too cute... I loved the idea that he's trying to find a house without children, LOL!

I doubt he's senile... maybe all the doors look the same? But I like the kids theory- too cute!

Donna said...

I, too, am writing a disturbing number of posts on my blog in order to avoid the upcoming move. But I'm not craving home leave food - I'm trying to eat every last bit of food in China. And yes, that includes soup dumplings at Din Tai Fung. We have one here and those suckers are addictive. What am I gonna do when I move and I can't get all of my favorite Chinese food anymore?

A Daring Adventure said...

Just wanted to let you know that I linked to you today:

And congrats to adorable Grayson for his new bikeriding skillz! Totally awesome!!

Shannon said...

Kolbi- Girl I am telling you I am obsessed. It is ridiculous how much I am craving comfort food. If I eat everything I really want I will be HUGE by the time I make it to Malawi.

Donna- First go eat some for me, quick! Oh how I miss them, I can make most things I really miss but I can't seem to get Asian food. I just don't understand the way the spices work or the techniques or something. Second, maybe Connie will hook you up with some really good middle eastern food. Yummmm.

Monica said...

chile rellenos - actually rosarios has some of the best i've tasted and so does ugh that place on blanco - the name is escaping me right now - will email it to you when i think of it. but, just ate at mi tierra for lunch and it was YUMMO and the top shelf margarita had me flying like a kite ALL DAY!!! BONUS. we need to do that one day - minus kids! hmmm. how will we do that?

Shannon said...

Monica--We ditch the kids on the guys of course! Rosarios Yummmm.....