Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Oh No She Didn't!


Anonymous said...



You did NOT!!!!


Laughing so hard it HURTS!!!

Oh just you *wait* until my husband gets home. We are SO coming back over here!!!

You guys are too funny! Love the orange in between the toes!!!!

Did Dave get his formal pair in black?!

Z. Marie said...

I think we all should get some of these.

fsowannabe said...


I'll Take Mine... said...

Malaria pills? check.
Passport? check.
Pink toe shoes? check.
Too funny.

Are they really comfortable?enessadi

Anonymous said...

James wants to know: are they comfy??

Also: love that you're standing in pretty wildflowers! Nice touch!!

Oh, and hope you're feeling better soon...

Unknown said...

Oh Shannon, what WILL we do with you?! So, as everyone's asked - are they comfy?

Jess said...

Oh my gosh! I saw these at REI last weekend and laughed because I thought of your blog, but there were about four people there trying them on and they LOVED them. Haha!

Gabriel said...

I just don't know what to say... :-)

Connie said...


Shannon said...

@ Connie --Comfy! Almost like being barefoot but the rocks don't hurt when I step on them! They come in bright blue too.

@Jae--You know me well enough you can't possibly be surprised! See you soon! We arrive July 2nd. YAY!!!!

@Kolbi YES they are sooooo comfy, it really does feel almost like barefoot. Goofy looking though! Dave says can we please, pretty please, drive to Houston to visit you, instead of you driving to SA? Seems 3 weeks of family is too much and he is already looking fro an escape, at least for the day.

@FSHereWeCome Malawi has a huge huge lake, and of course the Hash. Lake visits and Hash runs will be the primary purpose of these shoes. Sparkly flip flops will still be my everyday standby shoes.

BK said...

Very unique pair of shoes! I like the fact that you mentioned it felt like being barefoot. Hope you didn't step on any of the blue flowers. :)

Jen said...

Wow! I saw someone in the airport the other day with a pair on, and immediately thought of you guys. Hers were gray, though, and I love the pink!

Dawn K. said...

What on earth are those??? Are they comfy? Funny photo for sure! Happy Wordless Wednesday!

dawn K. said...

What on earth are those? Too funny! Are they even comfy? Happy WW!

Unknown said...

I LOVE those shoes. They look like so much fun -- and, if they're also comfortable, that's even better!

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Unfortunately, I’ve got a LONG list of little annoyances – things that irk me. I’m mentioning one each week.

I would greatly appreciate a bit of help to get this started. Thanks so very much in advance and Happy WW!

Jennifer said...

Those are the strangest pair of shoes I have ever seen. I love it!

Happy WW!