Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Spring

Some people look for the blooming of a certain plant, or the return of a certain bird to mark the coming of spring. Some people mark the first week of spring as the vernal equinox. In our household it is the annual shaving of the beard.

Here he is before. Is it any wonder it is almost impossible to get a decent picture of the kids? They are just like their dad, they see a camera and start making faces.

And here is the after.

I think he looks much younger without all the grey on his face. What do you think? Should he keep shaving or grow it back?


Anonymous said...

Does he have an upper lip!? Lol. I love the fresh clean look! Meow!

Shannon said...

I don't think he does, or at least I haven't seen it since high school. You didn't answer the question, Does he look younger?

fsowannabe said...

I think he looks younger with the beard, actually (counter-intuitive, I guess).

Unknown said...

I think he looks much younger! Amazing how the gray, those also nice, distinguished, ages a mans face. Keep on shaving David!

Connie said...

I generally do not like beards, but I like the black and white, it doesn't look grey, 2-tone he's got. Cool. To me, hair/beards don't affect my estimate of age... your hubby has a bright and youthful face, it's all in the smile!

Terio said...

I like him better with the beard and he looks younger with the beard.

Anonymous said...

Oh nooooo! Where did my comment gooooo!!

Okay, so, just in case it ever shows up, I came on yesterday and told you the following:

1.) That I LOVE LOVE LOVE your awesome Dave Collage

2.) That the Dave Collage picture in the bottom left hand corner (aka: The Fishface) is my total favorite

3.) That I am a serious facial hair kind of girl, so I always think the more the better!

4.) But that a husband's facial hair status is totally and completely up to his wife

5.) That Dave totally looks AWESOME with the glasses ON (keep the glasses ON, Dave!)

6.) That whatever he does, he must also wear the earring.

The End.

And now I can also agree with Connie's comment that the GENUINE smile makes all the difference in the world! Keep the beard, the glasses, the earring and the genuine smile! But only keep the beard if Shannon SAYS to keep the beard! LOL! Because Shannon has the ultimate say.

Danny said...

Now I know the answer to the question.....I am the better looking brother!