Monday, April 19, 2010

Back at home

We are back at home, David is back at work, and the kids are back at school. Well most of them are back at school, Alonzo is home with me. He had a dentist appointment this morning to take care of a cavity. I didn't think it was fair to send him to school after that kind of trauma, plus he couldn't eat for two hours afterwards so he would have had to sit in the lunch room and watch everyone else eat while he couldn't. Torture! He will go back tomorrow.

It is a good thing we drove, or we would still be stuck in England. While I would love that right now, I would be singing a different tune when the credit card bill came in. The problem is that a volcano in Iceland blew it's top and now the air way up high is full of ash. There has been NO air traffic in and out of England since last Wednesday or Thursday. Most of the rest of the Europe is shut down as far as air traffic as well. Hopefully the volcano will be quiet come July 2nd when we are supposed to be out of here, otherwise I may buy a boat and start rowing!

Today I am making a list of everything that needs to be done before we leave this summer. Yikes that list is getting long. First I need to finish up a project I have been dragging my feet on for a while. I am giving myself until Friday to get it done. Totally do-able as long as I stay focused. David has this week to do his part of the de-clutter while I am busy. He collects dust magnets and they all need to be rounded up, dusted, and boxed so they are safe for shipping. Seems easy enough, but they are scattered throughout the house, plus some were never unpacked since we didn't have a display cabinet here, so they are somewhere in the basement or maybe they are stuck in the top of a closet somewhere. Some are seasonal, and I am not so good about putting them back where they belong, instead I tend to stuff them in the nearest closet or drawer when I am done with them. Should be like an Easter egg hunt looking for those. Each has it's own custom box it came in those need to be located as well, I can't seem to find them in the basement, but they have to be down there somewhere. I am totally glad he is doing this. Last pack-out I got to do this and by the time I was done I was ready to put the whole lot of them up on ebay. I figured I would get some money, I wouldn't have to dust them anymore, and I would never have to pack them again again. Win win! David vetoed that. Who gave him executive power?

My part of the pack out begins in earnest next week. I need to go through each room, each closest, each drawer, each cabinet with a trash bag and get rid of some weight. Hmmm... maybe all those fossils we collected on vacation last week weren't the best idea. Just to give you an idea that is 6 bedrooms each with an ENTIRE WALL OF CLOSETS, two hallways, 3 bathrooms, the kitchen, living room, dining room and basement, 3 toyboxes, 7 bookshelves, and a partridge in a pear tree. GAH! I am feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it.

I do have more to say about the vacation and I just realized that I never blogged about Easter so there is that too, but not today. Right now I am going to make a pot of tea and get busy. Nothing is going to get done if i sit here playing on the computer.

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Anonymous said...

But they're such cute little dust magnets!!

And I'm glad you're not stuck in GB. I've missed you! Your family can't hog you forever!

Do NOT want you to have to row across the Atlantic, but understand that there are some things in this world that just have to be done! You are certainly not lacking in strapping young men who could row for you. :)