Thursday, April 22, 2010

Planes are Flying Again

Yes, the ash has cleared and the planes are flying again, just in time for Earth Day. This morning Alonzo looked up at the con-trails and asked, "Is that smoke, or just steam coming out of the plane?"

I told him that it is exhaust and it just stays visible like that because it is so cold up there in the atmosphere. After I explained that exhaust is the stinky stuff that comes out of the back of buses (you have to have been in Jakarta to understand) Alonzo stared quietly at the sky for a while. Finally he sighed and said, "Why do we do that to the Earth?"

This was our sky last week when all the planes were grounded. Clear blue as far as the eye could see.
Although I prefer this picture.


Anonymous said...

Okay!!! And I also came on before and commented (maybe not yesterday - I take that back - I didn't have internet yesterday. Sunday?) that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flower picture on this post. What flowers are they and where was it taken?

Shannon said...

It is some sort of flowering tree, a cherry I think, but I am not sure. It is our front yard I just stood under it and shot up through the flowers at the sky. There are tons of trees on the Siedlung, and lots of them bloom. I am loving it, Germany is really a very pretty country especially in the spring and summer.