Monday, April 12, 2010

Range Walk

Yes I am crawling, and....? I DON'T DO HEIGHTS!

I DID IT! I think I may barf! Do you see how close the path came to the sign?

OH WOW! The view is amazing from up here.

You have to love the signs on this walk. No, Mom, we did not bring the little ones on this walk. It was only Dakota and me for obvious reasons. Yes Teri, it was totally legal, but believe me you pay attention to the signs, and check the schedule before going!!!


Donna said...

Beautiful. Scary. That last sign is hysterically specific. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Girl! GIRL!!!!

Are you kidding me with that exploding sign thing?!?!

Oh, and I adored what you said about "I think I may barf!" That was too funny!

Love, LOVE your gorgeous pictures. Love. Them. It is sooo pretty where you are!

Oh, and love the darling pink shoes! :)

Shannon said...

Yes the signs are for real. The range walks are through an active military firing range. Of course it is only open for walks when it closed for shooting. The views are amazing. The fossil forest was in a different part of the range.

Connie said...

England has the most gorgeous public access walking trails! We loved wandering around. There are places you have to pay attention to signs about dogs and bulls, but these trails have to remain open for the public. It's nice!