Sunday, April 4, 2010

It is Easter Darn It, Not April Fool's Day!

I know it is Easter, there are baskets, we dyed eggs, I made a huge breakfast complete with homemade cinnamon rolls, there was even an egg hunt. It is Easter! So why does David find it necessary to play April Fool's jokes today? Dinner is cooking, kids are outside playing with the new soccer balls the Easter Bunny brought. David went to the kitchen supposedly to check the cornish game hens for me. He yells, I ask what's wrong. He answers he cut himself. As far as I am concerned he should not be allowed to touch sharp things, not knives, not hatchets, not saws, not broken glass, no sharp things. The man is a walking disaster area when it comes to sharp things. So I get up to check what he has done now. He is standing there bent over clutching his hand, blood all over the place, dripping on to the floor. I gasp and grab a kitchen towel to clean him up and see if we need to go the hospital. As I reach for his hand I notice two things:

1. He is shaking with laughter, not tears or pain.
2. The kitchen smell strongly of concord grape juice concentrate.

That's not blood dripping onto the white tile floor it is grape juice concentrate. Now the teenager is high fiving Dad and they are both giggling. I have news for them, HE IS NOT FUNNY! I quit, they can wash dishes, they can wash the kids and put them to bed. Also sleeping on the couch is a possibility!


Anonymous said...



Go to your ROOM! And STAY THERE!

(There, Shannon, I fixed everything. Dave is now grounded for extreme misbehavior.)


Happy Easter, you guys!

Oh, and Shannon- I can't even *fathom* making homemade cinnamon rolls. You get Bestest Wife & Mother of the Year for just that!

Monica said...

um, i'll take some of your cinnamon rolls here and david you suck...........just a TEENSY bit funny. but, i am not ready to admit that until shannon is. ;o) oh, and happy easter.

Donna said...

I would've killed him myself. That's just evil. I hope you put grape juice on his cinnamon rolls.

Unknown said...

LMAO! I would have killed him myself too! Bad David, Bad!!!

Connie said...

He OWES you! Dinner out or something sparkle-y. Naughty!