Sunday, April 11, 2010


We are in England for the next week. The best part? They speak ENGLISH here! WooHoo!


Anonymous said...

Hope you guys have a TON of fun!

And bring back lots of great pictures!

Jen said...

Have a great time!!

Connie said...

Are you sure?? I mean, I lived in the UK for 3yrs and the language was so different that my husband had to translate 'Southern US' for me when we returned stateside (even though I am the one from the south; he's a west coaster). My ability to spell is still in tatters. ;)

Have a WONDERFUL vacation. We are hoping to take the kids to the UK during our R&R this summer.

Shannon said...

Well it sure isn't Texas English, but it is a darn sight closer than German that's for sure. Beside since most of the TV I have watched for the last year and a half is BBC, I seem to understand most of it. I can't spell to save my life anyway so I'm not too worried about that.

This is our first time in the UK but we are loving it! I could really see coming back here for R&R someday. We have rented a cottage in Dorset in a little village called West Lulworth, it is just enchanting. There is a pheasant staring in the back door watching me type, we have a view of a fields, a church and churchyard, and are a 15 minute walk from Lulworth Cove.

Monica said...

LOVE YOUR PICS. GORGEOUS. LOVE IT. looks like you guys had a grand time. :o)))))))))