Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dakota at the Ball--SeaBee Ball Part 2

Quick Note: Dakota is Cody's given name. He prefers to be called Dakota because he says it is a manly name. Two words for him Dakota Fanning (in all fairness I named him Dakota long before Dakota Fanning came along). In any case I am going to call him Cody because that is what I have called him since he was little bitty and I am MOM, I think he should just be glad that I quit calling him Ducky when he was about two.

Since David joined the foreign service one of my dreams has been to take each boy to a ball their senior year. The three younger boys have a while to go until they are old enough to go to a ball, even though Colin tried to get an invite to the ball last year. Cody, however, didn't just get to go to the ball this year he actually participated in the opening ceremonies. His JROTC Color Guard team presented the colors during the ceremony portion of the SeaBee Ball. All four of the boys did a wonderful job and I couldn't be prouder.

Look what I found hanging around outside the ballroom before the ball.
From left to right: Chris, Dakota, Me, David, Seth

There the boys are in action. They did an amazing job.

Once the ceremonies were over the boys could have a seat and join in the fun. Bottoms up! Actually they behaved very well, which is very impressive considering they has this as role models:



What? They gave me a dagger! And besides didn't you know that forks weren't commonly used in Europe until the 1600's, this is a medieval castle! Oh all right, of course these pictures were posed and we used appropriate table manners and forks. Boring!

After the feasting I did manage to get Dakota out on the dance floor but it did take some coaxing.

Dance with me, Please. No, Dad isn't going to help you.

Wish fulfilled! I danced with my baby at the ball. One down three to go!

Cody and crew spending some time bonding with the SeaBees. I think all four boys had a good time and really enjoyed themselves. I know bunches of people stopped by our table to tell us how impressed they were at the way a group of high schoolers handled themselves at a formal function, in a crowd of diplomats and sailors. David and I are very proud parents!


Unknown said...

Awwwww!!! He's nearly all grown up, isn't he?! That's so great, you and him dancing together at the ball. :) Such special memories!!

PS - LOVE the ducky nickname! :)

Monica said...

again, love the pics. SOOO special!!! cody is so handsome. y'all done good!!! oh and LOVE the pics of you and dave using such good manners. i must show those to the kids.

Connie said...

Wonderful photos! And what a special time to spend with your son :)