Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Snow

Saturday morning we woke up to find the ground white and glittering with snow. We groaned a bit and whined about the cold weather. Finally we decided to make the best of it, stuffed ourselves into the snow suits, hats and mittens one more time, then headed outside. After all we may not know exactly what to expect when we move to Malawi but we are pretty sure there won't be any snow, so we better enjoy it before it all melts away.

We threw snowballs and ambushed the neighbor trying to sneak out to the trash bins his pj's. Sorry about that Randy! After a while the neighboring kids came out to join us and we had a grand snowball fight followed by snowman building. I have pictures of the snowmen but not of the fight as it is hard to defend yourself while taking pictures, also getting hit by a snowball is probably not very good for the lens. Sometimes you have to quit taking pictures and participate in life.


TorAa said...

At least some do know how to play with the Snow. It's fun.

The Snowmen are really great

Connie said...

How nice! One of these days, while we have been enjoying life in the Middle East, I hope we can live in a place with snow again.