Sunday, March 21, 2010

Marathon Day

Yesterday was go go go from the moment we got up so I am going to borrow my friend Monica's favorite form of blogging: The List. It just seems to suit the way the day went. It felt like the whole day was a list of things that MUST be accomplished before we could go to the ball. Yes, the ball was definitely the light at the end of the tunnel yesterday,

1. Everybody up bright and early, cereal eaten, dressed, teeth brushed.
2. Tell Cody to double and triple check that he has everything needed to present the colors at the ball. He will not be coming back to the house before the ball.
3. Make sure Alonzo is in his cub scout uniform, make sure we have Colin's uniform: shirt, belt, neckerchief and slide.
4. Make sure we have the drinks for the Blue and Gold.
5. Drive to school to pick up Colin from sleep-over at school. School is 15 minutes from our house heading out toward Wiesbaden.
6. Drive to Oberursel for Blue and Gold cub scout awards banquet. Oberursel is 30 minutes from our house the other way. Thank goodness for the GPS it cut a few minutes off the time.
7. Blue and Gold over. It went well. Awards given, skits performed, jokes told, pizza eaten, good time had by all, except maybe Cody who spent his time chasing Grayson.
8. Head to Weisbaden which is 40 minutes from our house in a different direction.

This map will give you an idea of the location of Oberursel and Wiesbaden, although our actual route may be different than shown. We go where the GPS instructs. Start at E (I have no idea where A went) go to boys school B, then Oberursel C, then Wiesbaden D, then back to E.

9. Dump Cody and all his stuff at the base and head back to the house so we can get ready for the ball.
10. Start working on hair. There is a reason I usually just schedule an appointment so someone else can do my hair for the ball. I am totally hopeless, but the new haircut did make is easier. Short hair is just so much easier.
11. Stop messing with my hair and deal with The Incident. It involved the bathroom, a closed toilet, someone not looking before they went, a disgusting mess, and hysterics. It also involved a vow NOT to blog it so I will stop because I am perilously close to breaking that vow.
12. Wash hands, twice. Return to fussing with hair.
13. Hair and makeup finally done as good as they are going to get.
14. Put on dress, change my mind about which shoes to wear. To wear hose, or not to wear hose? Put the hose on with the vintage shoes. Love the shoes hate the hose. Take the hose off. Keep vintage shoes.
15. Put on jewelry. Change necklace...twice. Decide not to wear the vintage shoe, they are closed toed and I didn't paint my toenails for nothing. Strappy sandals it is.
16. Suddenly remember I need a purse. Destroy closet looking for my beaded clutch. Find it on dresser where I apparently put it earlier in the week so I could find it.
17. Check to make sure David is ready. Of course he is. And he has the oven preheating to the babysitter can make pizza, and is giving the babysitter instructions, not that Emily needs them. She rocks! So does David.
18. Take pre-ball picture. Don't we look fabulous?

Picture taken by Alonzo

19. Head to bus stop to catch bus to the ball. Yes, we rode a bus but at least it was a chartered bus. Not very glamourous but does mean we can both drink if we want to.
20. Have a blast at the ball!


Unknown said...

Whoo hoo!! Look at you two! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I hope you two kids had a great time!!!

Connie said...

Oh my! You two do look fabulous! I love your dress!! All that hard work and preparation paid off! And I so understand the last minute handbag mania! Been there... :D I hope you has a beautiful evening! Your list reminded me of when I first became a SAHM... many years working and I never needed a pda or datebook. As a SAHM, I desperately needed, and bought, a Palm pda/phone (GSM so it travels), with calendar, alarms, note and doodle pads, etc! Not a want, I hate talking on a cell phone, it was a need. I would have never survived the transition without it!

Connie said...

(hee hee! I just noticed the toe shoes)

Shannon said...

I noticed them too and made Dave change to his black dress shoes before catching the bus. He is now threatening to buy the shoes in solid black to go with his tux. YIKES! He says they are just that comfortable.

Oh and Dave says I didn't set out the purse earlier in the week, but in fact the purse had been sitting there since the Marine Ball last fall. I don't know it didn't seem that dusty.

Connie said...

While I agree that they grey doesn't match, I'll side with comfy feet over fashion any day. I am more than happy to let the fancy footwear of others grab the spotlight :D

Monica said...

OMG - you two look fabulous!!! gray (hair that is) actually looks so distinguished on david! why oh why doesn't it do that for me??? your dress is too, too cute. perfect for you. love the shoe choice, too. girl, you are a fashionista! :o))) hope you had a BALL!!! and david - TAKE THOSE TOE SOCKS OFF THEY ARE SCARY!!! FASHION BEFORE COMFORT - ALWAYS!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, here was my first reaction:

Oh! She is so GORGEOUS!

Followed by:

What a perfectly stunning DRESS!

And then I had to click on the picture:

Oh! Her shoes! Her shoes are DIVINE!

And then:


No!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

So then I had to come on and comment and I saw, mercifully, that you MADE that man CHANGE HIS FOOTWEAR before he escorted his gorgeous princess to the ball! LOL!!

And how come my Blogger Dashboard just now popped this entry into my Reader this morning!??! I've been missing this entry for a couple of DAYS?!?!? Wah.....

You, my dear, are stunningly beautiful. I LOVE your dress!

Shannon said...

@ Connie--I prefer comfortable too which is why there is always a pair of soft leather ballet slippers in my purse for the ball. They are the kind little girls use for beginning ballet with the soft leather sole. That way I have the pretty sparkly heels for pictures and total comfort for dancing with out the annoyance of filthy feet from dancing barefoot.

Connie said...

That is smart :) ... although there is something very elegant feeling about twirling around in pretty heels. It all comes down to whether or not you want to walk the next day!

Shannon said...

You are so right and I usually dance in the heels for a while at least the first few dances.