Friday, March 26, 2010

SeaBee Ball 2010--Part Three Almost Done, I Promise!

What do they serve for dinner at a medieval castle? Thankfully NOT what was served in the middle ages, swan neck pudding anyone? We were treated to the Festive Baron's Banquet, a four course menu consisting of the following:
Rye rolls baked golden brown with lard. We all thought the rolls were baked with lard, which is fine if you don't think about it too much. Lard actually gives a very nice flavor to food when used in place of shortening, trust me I love to cook. Instead we were presented with tubs of lard to smear on our rolls. I gave it a try, it tasted...umm....greasy. They also gave us nice tubs of butter, much tastier!

Delicious caraway soup just like the Baron likes it. I liked it too! In fact I want the recipe. It happened that a chair near me was empty, but the serving wench filled the soup bowl. Perhaps we told her the seat occupant was in the bathroom? In any case the soup did not go to waste, and the seconds tasted as good as the first.

Crackling saddle of pork roasted with finest herbs from the castle garden like the knights loved it - carried in by the Baron's cooks with the roll of drums - and with a sauce made of queen apples, cabbage sprouts, and potatoes roasted in butter. The pork was in fact on fire when presented which cause a rush of people and cameras. We did manage to get one shot where you could see the flames but they were already dying back by this time. Cody said when the flames shot up high they could feel the heat from where they were sitting. The pork was just OK, no where near as good as the soup but the presentation was great!

A strudel made from Boskop apples with nuts and grapes straight form the oven. It was strudel, not chocolate. Enough said.
Each course was announced by this gentleman and his minstrel. It was quite the show. I really wish we had brought the video camera, but I will just have to be happy with still photos and memories.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The minstrel actually played a number of instruments including an accordion. I wasn't aware they had accordions in the middle ages. What ever this thing is, it looks much more middle-agey than an accordian. Sounds better too!

Of course there was a cake cutting ceremony. It involved the oldest SeaBee present, the youngest SeaBee present and the guest of honor, in this case the Counsel General. The cake was cut with all due ceremony using a saw, not a sword. Why a saw? Because it is the SeaBee Ball of course. The SeaBees are the Construction Battalion of the Navy. CB's...SeaBees. Get it? Yes that very pretty young thing in the middle is the youngest SeaBee present. You can't really see the top of the cake well but it is decorated with the emblem of the SeaBees. They are not an offensive group but can and will fight if needed and that is represented by the emblem a bee carrying tools and a machine gun.

How many SeaBees does it take to cut a cake?
Two plus a Consul General!

As I mentioned each place setting had a dagger. I kind of liked this. I used mine to threaten David into trying to make him behave. Obviously it didn't work.

Don't push your luck buster, I know how to use this!

We also had lovely bibs. Here Cameron models the proper way to wear one. Handsome guy isn't he? I didn't wear mine, it clashed with the dress!

His wife was so proud, can you tell? It was probably a mistake letting David and Cameron sit together. They egged each other on all evening.

Don't let here fool you. She is the one who set up a toll road at the corner of our table since everyone needed to pass by to get to their seat. We accepted dances, small change, excuses, and even a little flash of thigh from our kilt wearing friend Christian. Everyone laughed with us and it was all in good fun. Tammy is such a hoot!

Here is David looking very handsome in tuxedo, hanging out with some knights in shining armor, or at least less than shining old suits of armor. The serious look didn't last long though.

You better be nice to me or my friend here will get you!

Look, antlers in all the decorating! Wonder if the Baron's name was Gaston?

I kept humming that stupid song from Beauty and Beast all evening. I was very glad when the dance music started and drowned out the music in my head.

To end this post, and my week-long series of posts about the ball, here is one more picture of Cody dancing with his Mom. I just love a man in uniform! Who doesn't? He looks so calm, almost suave, and I look just plain giddy.


Monica said...

love, love, love that post. fabulous pictures. what fun!!!!!!!!! almost didn't recognize cody! :o(

Connie said...

Cody is an awesome young man - you are a lucky mom! It looks like you all had a lovely time at the ball :) btw.. my Uncle was a Seabee, he was involved from WWII until long after he retired. He's passed on now, but he was even involved in a Seabee memorial project in Tonawanda NY in the late '90's... Service was important to him his whole life... not all jobs can claim that. Hats off to our military.

Jakarta Rocks said...

Beautiful posts. The ball looks awesome. You've got quite the gentleman on your hands.

Glad to see you are making the absolute most of your time there.

Good for you.

Jakarta Rocks said...

PS - hope David was wearing his socks in the first photo of you going to the ball - not wearing those insane mid life crisis shoes that look like bare feet (okay, not midlife crisis - but severely tacky).

Shannon said...

It was the insane mid-life crisis shoes, but hey the shoes are cheaper than a sports car!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures!! Oh my goodness!!!

My favorites: the one with you with the knife - love it! The ones with Dave with the knights and the antlers -and just to tell you I totally have that entire song memorized from when my kids were little!

(When I was a lad I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large... )

Darling post - great pictures! You guys look like So. Much. Fun!!!