Monday, March 1, 2010

A Very Blustery Day

Yesterday was a rather blustery day. OK I am done quoting, or at the least paraphrasing, Pooh. I promise. The wind howled and whistled past the window all day long. Refusing to be trapped inside now that the temps have finally risen above freezing the boys played outside in the wind. They had a blast playing frisbee. The frisbee would catch the wind and and sail far and high. Much farther than the boys have ever managed to throw the frisbee before. But when the roof tiles started flying as well the fun was over. Inside they came to play Wii with Dad and our friend Doug, who is visiting from Zambia. I somehow managed to take no pictures of Doug with the family (sorry Kate!) so I will just post some pictures of the aftermath of yesterday's windstorm.

Surprisingly few large limbs fell down, mostly it was smallish branches an inch or two across. The bulk of the damage seemed to have been done to roofs and BBQ pits. The maintenance crews were out bright and early this morning surveying the damage and getting right to work. I was cleaning upstairs for a little while and when I came down and looked out the window the hole in the roof across the yard was already fixed. I didn't even get to see them working on it. Bummer! In all seriousness I am glad they are making short work of it since the skies are overcast and threatening rain, as usual. It would be bad if it started to rain while the roofs look like this:

BBQ pits did not fair any better than the roofs in the high winds. Our pit survived only because one neighbor went out and tied his pit all together and then secured it to the metal rail on the brick BBQ pad. Brilliant! I quickly tracked down some twine and sent Cody down to rescue our pit and tie it down. He managed to find all the pieces and put it back together. Teenagers are just so handy. Worked like a charm, so now our pit didn't look like these poor pits.

In addition to the roof work the big surprise was the maintenance guy walking around putting BBQ pits back together. A surprise because the pits are all personal property, not really the responsibility of the work crews, but I am sure this will be much appreciated. They are already lined up together awaiting the next cook out.

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Kate Husband said...

That was a very wicked wind!