Thursday, March 18, 2010

Minor Mirror Mishap

So it finally happened. I clipped another car with my mirror while driving the kids to school this week. ARRGH! Considering how narrow and congested some of the streets I drive can be, I am not really surprised that this happened. I am more surprised it hasn't happened earlier. Maybe the reason it hasn't happened sooner is that I drive a minivan so my mirrors are higher than most. Maybe I am just lucky, who knows. I was trying to avoid getting sideswiped on the driver's side and misjudged the distance on the passenger side. I was very lucky though, I didn't do any damage to the other car, but my mirror is toast. The mirror itself didn't shatter but the plastic clip that holds it in did.*

David has already ordered a new mirror assembly but it will take a week or so to get here and I still have to drive the kids to school everyday. I really need that mirror, there are several spots where I have to merge right and with out that mirror I will be driving by ear. CRUNCH! Not the best plan. So what to do? What to do? I applied a little southern ingenuity and dragged out the packing tape. Hey Presto, I am ready to roll!

Classy I know, but Hey I was out of duct tape.

*I don't think the clip would have totally shattered if David hadn't hit the mirror on a big cargo truck in Indonesia, which cracked the plastic clip. The mirror has been a little wobbly every since, so it's not all my fault. I don't care what Dave says!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the mirror but, quite honestly, it could have been So. Much. Worse.

I drive a minivan and I am constantly scared that I will miscalculate and squoosh the sides of that thing or something. Minivans are big suckers when you're driving on smallish roads!

Jen said...

My husband had a mishap with our bumper while in Iceland (the rest of us were on vacation at the time). He kept insisting it was fine, until we were taking friends on a tour of the Golden Circle. Guess what started to fall off? And, yes, we had to duct tape it back on at a little gas station in the middle of nowhere.

David said...

At least it was the mirror that was ready on its last leg.

Connie said...

We had a mirror that looked like that! Tape to hold it in place, and little bits of paper stuck in to keep it aimed in the right direction! Ours was the driver's side... my husband was driving down the main drag in Cairo and a middle of the road billboard was sticking out into his lane (seriously) he had a choice, clip the mirror, or sideswipe the car hugging the other side of the truck.. luckily he had his window open, so when the mirror flew out of the casing, rather than lost on the road, it landed in his lap! :D

Monica said...

Girl, it's NEVER all our fault!!!

Shannon said...

Connie- The mirror now has little bits of paper and tape all along the edges so it will stay aimed. It looks so much classier than just the tape. I am too lazy to get out there and take a picture.

Monica- It is always Dave's (or in your case Ed's) fault somehow!