Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in the Tropics!

The Weather outside is frightful,
A fire's too hot to be delightful,
And since I can't catch a plane,
Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain….


Amy said...

Looking for holiday winter photos for my blog,
Hope your enjoying your new post - I am nagging my husband for Harare next time around!

Monica said...

sheesh you are a poet too????!!!!!!!! ;o)

LeesOnTheGo said...

This is a very good picture of how heavy the rain in Africa is. I swear the individual drops themselves are twice the size of American drops. At least it feels that way when you get caught in a sudden downpour!

RE: your message on my post, I think there's something unique to Africa that makes the "feeling at home" part of life just take a little longer. Sure do wish we could sit over a cup of cocoa with your fantastic looking marshmallows and chat about it!

Until then, feel free to Afri-vent in my direction anytime. You'll find my response will most often be "I AGREE!!!"


Connie said...

Honestly, I think the rain looks quite delightful! I love a good rain shower, and have been deprived. Nice photo!