Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day

David thinks he is funny. Today was his day. This morning I stumbled out of bed, dragged myself downstairs, and dropped on the sofa clutching my coffee.

"Hillary dropped out of the race." Dave announced with glee.

"Uuuh, ok" I responded. David is morning person. I, obviously, am not.

"That's it? This is huge, it means Obama is the candidate. Do you think he can take McCain?" Dave seemed awfully excited for 5:45 am.

"I dunno" I answered wondering why I married a morning person. Thankfully about that time Grayson appeared and distracted David. I didn't catch on that it was April Fool's day until the boys were eating breakfast and David was trying to convince them that they have school this Saturday. You could practically see the light bulb go on over my head. When he left for work he was happily texting a coworker to see if he could hook another one with the Hillary line.

As for the boys, Alonzo claimed he knew it all along. Colin came home from school all upset he couldn't sleep over at his friend's house because he has school Saturday. Alonzo explained it all to him, "It's April Fool's DUH!"


Kristen said...

That's cute! My kids put salt on my yummy granola bar breakfast and then giggled with delight when I took a bite. It was my hubby's idea.

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

That's too funny! I sent an email to my friends saying the exact same thing. LOL!! It just randomly popped into my head. Apparently not just mine. :D

Terio said...

That would not be an April Fool's joke around our neck of the woods! We have several school districts going on a Saturday to make up for missing due to snow and ice!

Unknown said...

LOL! That would've gotten me too! I am NOT a morning person! Thankfully, S isn't either. ;)