Saturday, April 12, 2008

We Forgot the Camera!

Last night we went to the American club to see a performance by some belly dancers. We took Cody with us. Yes I took my teen age son to see belly dancers. It was really funny to watch him trying to look at them without looking like he was watching the show.

The lead dancer was staring at Cody so intently as she danced that people at the next table turned to see who she was looking at. When it came to the part of the show where they get the audience involved she walked straight to Cody. He was the first audience member pulled up onto the stage. The only down side is WE FORGOT THE CAMERA! No pictures of my baby with a scantly clad dancer trying to wiggle his hips and look cool.

There is only one solution. We will have to take him to Anatolia for his 16th birthday later this month. It's a fabulous Turkish restaurant and they have belly dancer's every Saturday, and this time we won't forget the camera!

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Unknown said...

OMG!!! I cannot believe there's no snap shots of this moment! You must have been LOLing your butt off! Hee hee! Poor Cody... I'm sure he still handled it with style. ;)