Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Botanical Gardens

The boys are off from school this week for spring break. David took this week off as well. This year we are foregoing the sailing club and checking out some of the sights closer to home. Today we went to the botanical gardens in Bogor.

David and I went there before Christmas without the kids. We got lucky and one of the gardeners showed us around and pointed out cool trees like cinnamon, rubber, and nutmeg. It was really interesting. Today with kids in tow it was more like "Wow that's a lot of trees. Where are the bats?" Yep folks we go to the Indonesian national botanical gardens to see freaking BATS! It's that inner Corwin thing again! *Sigh* Yes, Mom, I know you told me to have a little girl instead of all these boys, but they do keep life interesting, besides was I really any better??

These are flying foxes. Are they as big as they look? No, they are way bigger! They are HUGE with wingspans up to 6 feet. The boys were awed. We got right under the trees and spent a good 15 minutes staring up at them as they moved around the tree tops. They not only fly to get to a new roost but can scramble along the branches amazingly quick, like an upside down monkey. Totally Cool!

Colin saw a weird caterpillar in the orchid exhibit. "Yeah those are orchids. Hey check out this caterpillar! It looks like a snake!" I was left alone to admire the orchids while the Corwin wanna-be's admired the bug. I will really miss orchids when we leave here. I will not miss the bugs.

While looking at the aquatic collection Cody made a cool discovery, a baby water monitor swimming between the plants. Watching this little one zip about the pond I suddenly understood how the big monitors could swim between islands.

Even at a place dedicated to plants my men can find enough creepy animals to keep themselves happy. Only one thing marred the fun, as we were eating lunch Grayson grabbed the paper towels when I asked for one and ran as fast as he could in the opposite direction hoping I would chase him. Instead karma caught up with him and he tripped and fell head first into a bench. He has a big "owwie" but is otherwise OK. Tomorrow off to the zoo.

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Bottles Barbies And Boys said...

Poor Grayson! Bless his heart, you know that hurt.