Monday, March 9, 2009

PSBN - Plant a Garden

Ok, so I didn't get my act together this month. I was really excited when Lotus announced that she was bringing back Project Support Beauty in Nature. I decided to have the kids help clean out the miniscule garden in front of our apartment building. I had great plans to take cute pictures of them pulling up last year's dead plants and raking the soil.  I know it is early to start a garden, especially here, but the flower bulbs are starting to bloom and I am itchy to play in the dirt. 

Here is where I ran into a problem. First the dirt is more like mud, it seems like it never stops raining here! Second the sun actually made a rare appearance in Frankfurt on Saturday and we spent the day playing washers and barbecuing, instead of gardening. Hey, we are from Texas! So we didn't actually get any cleaning of the garden site done, although the kids did remind me (again) they want to plant their pumpkin seeds, they saved these from their Jack-O-Lanterns back in October and are NOT going to let me forget it. Third I might have gotten to the garden on Sunday but it was raining, again.  Sigh!

So what did we get done?  Well we spent time outside with the kids.  For some kids trying to disengage them from the video games and out the door can be problematic. As for my kiddos I refuse to allow one of those things in the house -problem solved before it even began.  Time outside equals kids outside in nature.  Even if you aren't actually beating the little heathens over the head with the message "Nature is lovely and we should protect it," there is the chance they might notice how nice it is outside on their own.  We picked up some trash in the yard.  David and the boys are planning to pick up trash all over the neighborhood for a cub scout project. We also began planning how to make the most of the small garden area we do have.  So I don't count this month's post as a loss.  We have plans for the future and I can always post updates over the next few months if I don't come up with some brilliant idea between now and then. 


Sarcastic Mom said...

Hah! Any time spent outside is good - no lights/tvs/etc being run, right? You saved electricity. Hehehe.

Besides, it's clear you have plans! Love it. Thanks for linking in and supporting my lil project. :-D

Monica said...

ah, outside kids are the BEST. we are on spring break (one week early this year) and it's in the high 80's. so...we spent yesterday - at least from 12-6 - OUTSIDE. they rode bikes, played in the mulch, played on the playscape and generally just got filthy dirty and worn out. mission accomplished.