Sunday, March 1, 2009

A House Divided

This morning Dave decided to treat the kids and announced he was making pancakes.  And thus it began:

"Yay! Pancakes!"
"Nooooo not pancakes, Waffles!"
"He said he was making pancakes!"
"But I don't like pancakes! Yuck!"

Alonzo HATES pancakes. Seriously he would rather eat cold cereal, but he like waffles. Weird kid! Colin feels the same way about waffles.  How to solve this?  Dave made pancakes, while I used the other counter to make waffles.  Problem solved. Yes, our kids are spoiled, but I didn't have to listen to the usual round of complaints since both boys were happy.  Totally worth the extra mess!


Terio said...

So I guess the other 2 boys are "Switzerland"? LOL!! Wait til one of them starts screamimg for Crepes!

Shannon said...

Cody and Gray were right there stuffing their faces but those two don't care if it is pancakes, waffles, or French toast as long as they can pour syrup on it.

They all like crepes (except Alonzo) remember the sailing club pancakes? I made cinnamon crepes with spiced apples for dessert one night, even flambéed the damn apples but Alonzo threw such a fit he got sent to bed screaming! BRAT! Colin on the other hand requests creme brule every freakin' week but so far I am too intimidated by the recipe. Maybe YOU can make it this summer when you come to visit.