Friday, July 20, 2007

Almost home, painting done

Well I have completed all of the painting that I am going to. I think it came out well. I am sure that Shannon will love the colors that I chose. Shannon and the boys are on their way home right now. They are somewhere over the Pacific Ocean on the longest leg of the trip 13 hours. WoW can you imagine keeping Grayson tied down for 13 hours?

I am really excited to have my family back here in Jakarta. I also have a special visitor coming with them. My sister Teri, aka Treio, is flying back with the family. She is really excited and is going to have a really good time while she is here. She will get the usual treatment…Spa, zoo, safari, sailing club, and a lot more.

Did I mention that I am excited? This time tomorrow morning I will be at the airport waiting for them to arrive.


Anonymous said...

I really like the color in the library - I like the way the chairs look against it. Good choice. Well, I miss you guys and I wish I had been able to spend more time with all of you. And I especially miss Cody, because I didn't get to see him at all...sniff.sniff...
Love you all!

Unknown said...

That looks great! I hope that Shannon arrived home safe and sound and all is well with you all!

It was great to see you again!! Take care.

Anonymous said...

love the colors!! I hope that Shannon and the kids had a great time while they were home. Wish we all could have gotten together. Let me know next time ya'll head this way so that we can all get together. Would love to hear the stories. Ya'lls site is awesome. David - one question. What is the site where you would buy your books for college. I need to get some for Kara and would love to save some money. thanks. E-mail me at