Monday, February 11, 2008

The World is Watching

While I was listening to Ms. Heard discussing poetry I glanced at the window and saw a child walking by twirling a blue sign. It was a campaign sign for the democratic party. One side read Obama, the other Hillary. This in itself was strange enough. If you are a regular reader you know that I don't live in the states, I live clear on the other side of the world in Indonesia and the child twirling the sign? He was Indian, as in from India, not the native American variety.

This is the first Presidential election during which I have lived overseas so I don't know if this level of attention is normal, but I can tell you that the world is watching this election, and they all seem to be watching the Democratic party.

*The fact that Obama's sign is slightly bigger than Hillary's is NOT a reflection of my feelings about the elections, it is just another fine example of my ineptitude with the computer. Don't read more into it than there is.


Terio said...

Suuuuure it isn't a Subliminal message about your preference! I think you are very computer literate and this is simply a way to get YOUR vote noted for the record! hehehe ME,I am not (McCain) telling anny (John) one who I am voting (Republican)!

Jae said...

LOL! You are too funny! Subliminal messages floating across from your computer to mine ... I'm feeling it!

That IS interesting!!! I had no idea that the world watched us so closely - course it makes sense... musta been strange tho!

Shannon said...

Actually Teri, I look competent because you computer geek brother loves me very much and fixes my posts before I put them on the blog. Without him the blog would not look as nice as it does.