Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mom! Help!

It is only about 10:30 and already it has been a long morning. There is no school today so I decided to be nice and make waffles for breakfast. Even with a treat like that there was whining. I was running low on plain flour so I made whole wheat waffles. I thought they tasted fine. More whining from child number 3 who wanted pancakes instead of waffles. Can't please everybody. Oh well.

After breakfast (everyone ate seconds in spite of the whining) I put child number 4 in the bathtub to remove the syrup. He refuses to use a fork so there was lots of sticky on him. Left child number 1 to keep an eye on him while I cleaned up the worst of the mess downstairs. I hadn't quite finished when I heard a blood curdling scream. "MOM HELP!" I ran upstairs. I found blood. Lots of blood.

Grayson had decided to try doing some gymnastics on the towel bar in the bathtub. No idea why there is a towel bar IN the bath tub. Before Cody could get Grayson off the bar he let go, slipped in the tub, and smacked his chin. The blood was pouring out of my baby's chin. Aaack!

Cody did great. He held pressure on the cut, while I called Dave to let Medical know we were coming, and some grabbed clothes for me and Grayson. There is just NO WAY I am going the embassy in my oldest jammies with a naked kid. So, yes, I took time to change clothes while my kiddo bled all over the place.

By the time we got there the bleeding was done and the cut looked nasty. Medical was happy to see us. They had gotten this fancy new skin glue and Grayson's cut gave them the chance to try it out. I was just happy there were no needles and stitches, just glue. Of course now I am a little concerned about finding one of the boys pouring Elmer's school glue into a cut so they don't have to go to the doctor.

"Look Mom, boo boo all better! "


Jenn said...

So...Joey & I were discussing this whole Cody tried to prevent it. I don't doubt that Cody was indeed the man to the rescue after the fact. We have both come to the conclusion that Cody, being the big brother (and of course Mullins) that he is, possibly encouraged these aerobatics. hmm...anyone think differently of our theory?

Shannon said...

I am pretty sure Cody didn't try to prevent it. He either encouraged it or he just wasn't paying attention. He DID do a good job handling the situation after the damage had been done. Of course I was right there when Alonzo bit his tongue and I couldn't stop it either so not to upset. Things like this happen.

Jenn said...

I just noticed that this is on a Wednesday. Why aren't your children in school?

Jae said...

Holy cow!! Good gracious! And all that in a "Z" formation! You win! Your Wednesday was the worst... I'm so glad he's ok. Sounds like Cody is the "man" too! Good for him on applying pressure! Sorry Grayson got hurt; I'm happy to see he's ok.

PS - you know, just KNOW, that you will find Elmers on various boo-boos now tho. No getting past that one!

Terio said...

All I can say in: "NO ACRABATS AT MY HOUSE"! I can not handle the blood. Good Job, Cody! And, Yes, Shannon, I would have done the same thing: No PJ's!