Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm So Proud!

Bedtime for the youngest 2 found me marching up the stairs singing (to the tune of Onward and Upward to Zion)
"We're marching, we're marching,
we're marching up to bedtime.
We're marching up to bedtime,
'cause it's that time of the day."
The youngest refuses to climb stairs without marching. He refuses to march with a song. So we sing and march to bed. It is either that or carry him kicking and screaming all the way. I am just glad there are no witnesses. The second youngest was following along not singing.

About half way up the stairs Grayson looked back and said, "Sing Collie!"

Colin looked up and got this absolutely wicked look on his face. I had just enough time to think, "Oh No!" before he launched into song. Here is what he sang:
Goin' down the highway, goin' 44,
My mother cut a big one and blew me out the door.
The tires couldn't take it, the engine fell apart.
All because my mother cut a supersonic fart.
Colin and David found this to be absolutely hilarious. Of course Grayson laughed right along. I just stood there and glared while they giggled like drunk hyenas.

David finally said, "What? I didn't teach him that, my song is about my SISTER'S fart, not my Mom's." Sometimes I think I might be the only adult in the house.

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Terio said...

Certainly, David is referring to his much younger sister, Aprille, or perhaps Gabby, But CERTAINLY, not his not so much older sister, Teri!