Monday, February 11, 2008

A Bit of Poetry

I went to Pattimura Elementary today for a talk given by poet Georgia Heard. It was a lot of fun learning about different ways to incorporate poetry into the everyday life of children. I will certainly use some of her ideas with my children. One I really like is lunch box poems a short verse tucked into the lunch box as a surprise. Ok maybe I shouldn't do this with the teenager (he packs his own lunch anyway, if I packed it I might throw in some healthy stuff ), but the littles ones would like it, maybe something like this:

It's time to eat, here's your lunch
Try some grapes in a bunch
You'll like the ham and cheese
Eat it all if you please.
Apple juice in a box,
Please don't spill it on your socks.

Hmmmm.... that was just sad. Maybe I should buy a book of poems. It might help.

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