Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rain Dance

Last Friday was the first day the rains appeared. No rain, not a drop since we have arrived in early August, then one day it just starts raining. Rainy season is here!

No one in the family was happier to see the rain arrive than Grayson. He doesn't remember living someplace it doesn't rain often. He was only 18 months old when we left Texas. He can remember playing in the rain in Jakarta and of course Germany's winters are long and wet. So when the clouds began to gather on Friday he was ready. As the sky darkened he ran out to the driveway to perform his own special version of a rain dance. It must have worked because it has almost rained everyday since then.

Looking hopefully at the clouds waiting for the rain.

Ok since it isn't raining yet I'll do my special, never-fail, raindance.

It Worked! It Worked!

Never one to be left out Alonzo grabbed his bike and enjoyed riding in the puddles.

Poor Colin was running a fever all day but he climbed out of his sick bed to come watch the rain.

A few minutes later Grayson stripped totally naked and did the "Thank you for the rain dance" to thank God for the rain. This dance apparently involves bathing in mud puddles. I am sure God was duly impressed. Grayson loudly invited me to join him in the dance just as the gardeners came around the corner of the house. "Mommy take off your clothes and dance naked with me." The gardeners disappeared very quickly. I am not sure if they needed to laugh their butts off in private or if they were worried I was going to to start stripping in the driveway. Don't worry I stayed fully clothed. Grayson is one funny kid.


Bfiles said...

what an adorable kid! well, they all are.

Monica said...

hilarious. damn those kids are cute. glad you stayed clothed, my friend. no need to startle the staff. ;o)

Daniela Swider said...

Cool blog post. So glad you captured this! I am sure the boys will thank you one day.

Connie said...

What fun! Please ask Grayson to please do one of his special raindances aimed at Amman. I am so jealous!! :) Our kids have grown up without rain and that is so odd for me, as I'm a Florida girl and used to rain year round.

Linsey said...

love it! cute boy!