Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hey People!

Remember back in May when we all thought the tigers ate a certain beloved blogger and creator of the weekly round-up? There was all sorts of angst going around the FS blog-o-sphere about what happened and who would take up the reins and keep the round-up going. We all like the sense of community that the round-up has created, but apparently we do not so much like actually like putting in a little time on the computer to do our part to keep it going.

For three weeks now there has been no round-up and there were a few gaps over the summer. I am not willing to let go of the bloggy community that I found since the round-up started last spring. I enjoy getting a peek into all of your adventures and I need the reassurance that other people are going through this insanity that is life in the foreign service. To that end I will get the ball rolling again and do the weekly round-up this week. It will probably not be as insanely long as the last time I hosted the round up because the internet here in Malawi is a little slow, as in I can't check my e-mail during the business day because it times out, as in I click a blog link go get a cup of tea and come back 5 minutes later and if I am lucky maybe the page has loaded. Now that is slow, but I will do the best I can.

If you want the round-up to continue make sure to stop by A Daring Adventure and sign-up to host the weekly round up. Let's not let this die. Be sure to check back here Friday for the the latest edition of the Weekly State Department Blog Roundup. If you have read or written a post that you think should be included please do let me know, I can use all the help I can get. Thanks!


Jill said...

You're so good at taking charge of it this week. Once we finally get things settled here, I'll attempt to put one together myself!

A Daring Adventure said...

Thanks so much, Shannon! I'm sorry it took me so long to put your name up on the sign up page - I've had sickness and craziness here at home - but it's up now and I'm grateful to you for volunteering AND for trying to keep it going!

LOVE your yard there in Malawi. LOVE it. It's so beautiful. And I LOVE the lizardy thing that the boys and Dave have in the post above this one. I can't even grasp that you're really there in Malawi. But I love the pictures!