Friday, August 22, 2008

It's coming

My house looks clean and tidy right now. Everything is orderly and in it's place, but that is all about to change. As I type this a truck is heading toward my house. It is carrying nearly 6500 pounds of things I thought we couldn't live without. What was I thinking? Within hours my peaceful house will be transformed into total chaos. A mess my kids call box city.

Updates later assuming I can find my computer...and camera.

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Update 11:58 am
The first boxes are here. I get to keep the little guy occupied while David does inventory. Lucky David!

Update: 12:57 pm Guy is back to paint wall patch. The first of 5 crates is unloaded. Lots of mold but blessedly the oils and watercolors seem to be fine, if a bit smelly. David says next time we will just pay out of pocket to have them shipped. Most of our good leather shoes seem to be a loss. We will see how they clean up, but right now they are a bit green and moldy.

Update: 3:08 pm We have too much stuff! We are on crate 3 and are running out of room to put things. Still have two more crates to go. Books were moldy too but mostly seemed to be the covers only not so much on the pages. House reeks of mold. Will be buying lysol and clorox wipes by the case tomorrow!

Update 9:47 pm Frankfurt time. All five crates are unloaded. The moving guys are gone. The kids are in bed. David and I are exhausted. Cody is still unpacking his room. The house gone from neat and tidy to a disaster. The piles of packing material and boxes were made worse by Grayson discovering a ball of yarn and creating a giant spider web.
The web went from the upstairs bathroom down the hall, through the loft, down the stairs, and finally all over the living room. When he is quiet it is time to worry.

Now my house looks like this

And this

But it also looks like this. We are calling this our island of sanity. I think we may sleep here because the bedroom looks like the rest of the house. Oh, you want to know what I am doing? I am setting up the next shot.  Dave busted me!

This is what I will doing in our little island of sanity. I will drinking red wine out of a real glass, not a paper cup, and I will be eating chocolate. Mango cayenne dark chocolate. Spicy chocolate. It is strangly addictive. Good night!


Jenn said...

Nice spiderweb! I can't believe it covers that much of the house...oh wait. Yes I can believe that! Ha! Good luck unpacking (I liked the scheme to get out of inventory-I HATE inventory!) Have fun!

Terio said...

WOW! I do not miss THOSEW days at all! I can't wait to come for a visit! The boys play room looks pretty awesome! WHat did the cats think of all that mess? I bet they were those kittys were thinking, "OOOOOH, BOXES!"

Unknown said...

Oh holy moly!! Mold?! Where were they storing your things?? That sucks - sorry Shannon!

Love reading about Germany! The fact that repair people come when they are supposed to, and FIX the stuff as well, is well, amazing!!! I can see why you are stuck on "yeah right" ... in America it just ain't that way baby! LOL!

Susan said...

You have to love the timeliness of Germans. My husband shows up 5 minutes early for everything. In the US, I tell him that on time is ok for dinners. Early is not good! Your place looks great! How are you handling the cold weather?

When you told me you were moving from Jakarta to Germany, I cringed for you. It is dang cold here! And that was coming from Colorado.