Thursday, June 28, 2012

Risen From the Ashes

I am not the only blogger in the Cyberbones family. Dave has had a photo blog for almost as long as I have had this blog.  Sadly he quit updating it somewhere along the line while we lived in Germany. This last week, out of the blue, he began updating again.  I am happy to announce the return of Pictures Taken By Me.  Except the pictures were taken by Dave not by me, which is actually true of most of the pictures on Cyberbones too.

This time he is trying something different.  Instead of featuring photography taken with his oversized digital SLR with it's mega zoom, most of the pictures will be taken on the go with his handphone.  No fancy camera equipment, no running the pictures through aperture to clean up the images.  Just point, click, and post.

Here is a picture he took the other night while reading to the kids before bedtime. This wooden rhino hangs over a huge beanbag in the office that is the perfect place to curl up and read, but with only the lamp on the rhino looks a little sinister. To see more of his view on our daily life here in Malawi just click here.

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Monica said...

nice! my favorite kind of photos - EASY AND ON THE GO! ;o)