Friday, November 12, 2010

Kindle, Computer, Camera, Contraband

This weeks round up is being hosted by Jan at Ogles and Observations. Click over there on Friday to check out the happenings in the FS world. The topic is birthdays in the foreign service. I didn't intend to write anything this week since I am going slightly crazy trying to write a novel (or a novel length collection of gibberish) in one month, but then Donna wrote something and I just had to response and happily my response fits the topic, more or less, of course it is going up so late that I don't know if it will make the roundup.

So my birthday is coming up soon, right around Thanksgiving as a matter of fact. David being the sweet wonderful husband he is, ordered me a kindle because as we all know I am slightly book addicted. It never arrived. David started calling to see if he could track it down. He did. It was in a warehouse that was rapidly filling with computers, kindles, digital underwater cameras, and anything else that uses a lithium battery. Apparently there had been a plane crash somewhere and it was being blamed on lithium batteries so no more lithium batteries were being allowed in the pouch.

I posted a comment about my sad situation on facebook
Just found out that David was getting me a kindle for my birthday! Yay! Also just found out that the pouch refuses to deliver to deliver it and it is getting returned. Boo!

I got lots of comments including this one from Donna at Email From the Embassy.
Do you have a DPO? I just ordered a new computer; can't remember whether it was thru pouch or DPO. It hasn't arrived yet - now you have me worried.

Uh Oh! A bit later she posted more comments.
Ay yai yai. I guess I'd better check. I know people who've ordered computers, ipods and kindles without a problem, so it never occured to me to worry.

We have pouch and DPO. I just went to the mailroom and inquired, and they said there are no rules for either system prohibiting computers, etc. So these rules must be brand-spankin' new if they haven't heard of them yet. Hopefully my computer is really on its way here. What a hassle. Oh, and p.s. my husband's new-since-June Kindle just broke.

For the rest of the story you will have to go to Donna's blog. She has written one of the funniest, posts I have ever read. Really click over to E-mail From the Embassy now.


Donna said...

Oh, sure, it's funny. If you like tragedies. Seriously, WHEN are they going to tell us what to do? It's not like I'm going to forget that I put over $1000 on my credit card and just let it slide.

Shannon said...

I'm sorry and I do feel your pain! Truly! It is your writing that is funny not the situation. I am still pissed that we are at a post with such crappy electricity that sooner or later it is going to kill one or more computers it has already wiped out our ups that protects the computers and we can't get another one because they are not available here and we can't freaking ship one! It's like we are being punished for being willing to come to a high differential pouch only post. OK Rant over.

Dave said he will look into it and figure out how to spring your computer and my kindle and get back to me, and of course I will forward any info.

I do know that when we bought an apple a few years ago Apple wouldn't ship through APO so we ended up shipping it through a shipping company that would receive the computer then forward it through the APO/FPO/DPO. IF you can it out of the warehouse that is an option or you or you can have it sent to a relative and they will forward it to you at the DPO address.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon,
I have your blogs posted on this week's Round Up! Thanks for the last minute post! Maybe you can publish your book to the Kindle....ha ha!

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for your submission!

Linsey said...

So sad! Getting caught in between the red tape of the FS is the worst, really. When and if you ever do get the kindle, would you write a post about whether or not it actually translates into fewer books and therefore less weight? We are debating the realities of that.

Happy Birthday, anyway.

ForeignObsession said...

You are like the 3rd or 4th blog I have read where items with lithium batteries are not being shipped.

I have included two of the blogs with the same issue...You may already follow them, but just in case...