Sunday, August 8, 2010

Only Me

So yesterday we took a long walk around the mall. Today I have what appears to be poison ivy. I walked all around Hematite Lake in Kentucky which was covered in poison ivy and poison oak and managed not to get any. I walk around the national mall looking at monuments and end with a doozy of a case. Since it is only on the back of my legs I can only assume I sat in something when we stopped by the reflecting pool to eat some ice cream. None of the boys or Dave have anything. Only me!


Daniela Swider said...

Oh, wow - looks painful! Sorry! Poison ivy at the Mall of all places! You wouldn't expect there to be stuff like that at the National Mall.

Shannon said...

I have no idea if it was poison ivy or some other plant, I certainly didn't see any ivy in the short cut weeds, it seemed to be more weeds than grass. Whatever it was I don't like it!

Connie said...

Ouchy! I wonder if there are significant enough differences in regional plants so you might be resistant to them in one area, but very sensitive to plants in other places. Hope you feel better soon!