Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DC Time

Sorry for the blog silence but every time I tried to get on the web in Kentucky it crashed the wireless at Teri's house. No idea why, I guess her system just doesn't like apples. Anyway we made it to DC a just over 2 hours ago. Dave is tucking the kids in and I am enjoying having my computer again. Over the next few days I will try to get a few catch-up posts up on this sadly neglected blog.

Today was crazy busy. Dave got his hair cut this morning, then he mailed some stuff we bought that wouldn't fit into the suitcases, we all took the kids for a goodbye lunch with Aunt Teri and cousin Jorden at Chuck E. Cheese's House of Torture--OK it is really a pizza place but it is loud and chaotic, of course the kids had a blast. By two we were at the tiny airport in Paducah where we checked in, made it through security and onto the plane without too much problem but then we sat and sat waiting to take off. We didn't have much time to make our connecting flight in Chicago and now we were more than 20 minutes late. As soon as we hit the ground in Chicago we sprinted from one terminal to the next and barely made our flight. Side note: I REALLY need to start exercising, even Grayson beat me to the gate and I was the only one wheezing like a geriatric bulldog as we got onto the connecting flight. We were sure that our luggage would be left behind, the gates closed and the plane started moving within minutes of our boarding. We arrived in DC and made our way to the baggage collection and even from across the room I could see the kids bright orange suitcases waiting for us. Incredibly not only did our luggage make it to DC with us but that is the fastest we have ever managed to collect out luggage. Nice!
In our hotel rooms Dave opened a couple of bags to get the kids pj's out and noticed that both bags had been searched by TSA, so he started opened all the bags and of our 8 bags 7 of them had been searched. It is good to know TSA is keeping the nation safe from the threat of diplomats with kids traveling on orders, but somehow they missed a bag.

Tomorrow Dave is off to consultations and the rest of us are off to tour some museums. The kids have been planning this week for months, they want to visit all their favorite museums: air and space, natural history, air and space, botanical gardens, air and space, natural history, and did I mention air and space? Wish me luck!


Jill said...

Oh the museums!! I can't WAIT to take my kids to them when we move to DC... Enjoy enjoy enjoy ...

Connie said...

Hope the weather cools off a bit. DC can be humid this time of year! Have you a countdown yet. You've got to be close (I am sooo behind, R&R is great, but I have lost track!) Have fun!

Shannon said...

Jill-- Sometimes I think being posted to DC wouldn't be so bad if for no other reason than the museums.

Connie -- We will arrive in Malawi in just over a week.