Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wallowing in Christmas

There seems to be so much to do at Christmas time in Germany. Drives into the mountains to play in the snow. Christmas markets in every city and town. Ice skating downtown. Parties and Christmas shows at school and cub scouts. I am beginning to feel a bit like we are overdosing on yuletide spirit. Today's activity was Breakfast with Santa here on the Siedlung. We told the kids to get dressed we are going take a picture with Santa. A few minutes later they showed up downstairs in matching outfits, honestly I didn't plan the outfits, I was too busy sucking down my morning caffine. Colin and Grayson even match down to thier socks. David grabbed the camera to record the cuteness, these were the best of the pictures he took. We left the house a little worried about the photo session with Santa.

While we waited our turn several babies and young toddlers took pictures with Santa. Everyone of the them burst into tears. Poor little things. Last year Grayson looked a little concerned about Santa (and who could blame him?) but this year he climbed right up into the sleigh and smiled up at him. Grayson has caught the Christmas spirit! Santa seemed relieved to have a break from the tears.

In spite of our worries the pictures came out fairly decent. A little red eye but David can probably fix that later. For some reason my red eye correction tool is making everyone look stoned. I finally gave up and left it alone.

Tomorrow we are taking the kids on a surprise shopping trip downtown. You will have to check back to see what we bought.

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Jae said...

Cute pics Shannon! Your boys are so silly! And that Santa looks like he's got the real deal with the beard - very nice! :) Germany, besides the mind-numbing cold, must be fun for the holidays. :)