Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Status Quo

Things are quiet around here. Well, no, actually with four boys and no school it is not quiet at all, things are noisy, very very noisy. Nothing new is going on however. The boys are playing with/fighting over all the new toys Santa brought. There is still no snow in the Taunus. David is back to work leaving me at home to deal with the chaos. Normally I am not envious of him going to work, but this week it sounds fabulous. Where can I get a job, quick, so I can go spend my days talking to adults instead of mediating the never ending fights around here?

The house which I spent hours decorating for holidays has started to close in on me. This happens ever year. I love the glitter and color of all the Christmas decorations. I love fussing with them each year trying to make it all look just right. But then just before New Years I suddenly want to rip it all down! I want to make the house feel open, clean, and organized. I think it isn't so much the decorations as it is the kids being home and the fact that they can trash a room faster that I can clean it. I noticed in Jakarta when we had a full time maid, the house stayed spotless most of the time, and the need to take everything down and pack it away just wasn't there. In fact last year I didn't get around to packing up everything until late January. This year I think it will all go the weekend after New Year's.

Even though there isn't any snow, it is still too cold for the kids to be outside for long periods of time, (-8 celsius/18 fahrenheit right now) but the sun has been shining so out they go. They get all bundled up and head outside, but I swear they barely make it down the stairs before the doorbell starts ringing. We have one of those intercom doorbells. It rings, I answer and ask politely over the intercom "Who is it?" then buzz the downstairs door open. I then have to wait for them to make it up 3 flights of stairs and ring the inside doorbell to our apartment. I am now to the point I am answering the outside doorbell "WHAT?!?!?" I am going to end up yelling at some poor innocent person who happens to ring the wrong bell.

Well it is 7:45am  and the sun is just starting to come up, which means that the kids will be up soon. In fact I can hear Grayson heading to Colin's room to wake him up.  I am going to post this, enjoy a last cup of coffee and brace myself to face the day!

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