Saturday, December 6, 2008

Movie night

“Movie night” without the big TV is not the same. Since the TV blew four capacitors and no longer turns on we have resorted to Shannon’s 13” apple to watch movies. The kids don’t seem to mind though and with any luck by next week’s movie I should have the new card for the big one.


Terio said...

awwww! How cute are they!? Especially the cat! What is he watching, I wonder? I see you are all bundled up! How is your heat in your building?

Shannon said...

Heating is fine, we just get in our pj,s and the kids bring down blankets to lay on and get all cozy to watch the movie. Dave and I get the couch, because we are too darn old to sit in the floor that long.

Jenn said...

Hah! Too old. Sheesh! Joey bought a razor like Delmus uses the other day....I think he's getting old too! LOL Ok, I'm not a bloggy loser anymore, come visit me!