Friday, December 5, 2008

Clean Shoes

"Don't forget to clean your shoes!"  This was Colin's announcement of the evening.  It was a weird announcement because Colin never cleans anything voluntarily.  Thank goodness someone had clued me in at Cub Scouts Monday or I might have been worried I had the wrong kid. 

Tomorrow is December 6th.  Here in Germany that means Sankt Nikolaus will be paying a visit to leave a treat in the shoes of good little kiddos, and a prickle for the naughty.  My kids are flexible, they are quick to adopt any and all local customs that promise a chance at extra goodies. Tonight they prepared for Sankt Nikolaus by making sure their shoes were clean and ready to be filled.  Colin in particular really worked hard at cleaning his, even the soles are clean.  

Wonder what they will find in the morning, a treat, or a unpleasant surprise?  Maybe both since they are good and bad in turn. 


Monica said...

tee-hee! so, does this mean that by the end of your travels you could be pullin' several santa claus acts?

Jae said...

LOL! That's great! Course they're game - they're kids! Love it!! So what did they get?? Not a new TV ... ;)

Shannon said...

LOL! I will have to have a calendar to keep track of all the foreign holidays. They got big bars of milk chocolate for Norway. They tore into them before 6 am. we woke up to screams of delight. David has a picture on his photo blog- pictures taken by me. Yeah, that was a long morning!

This morning Grayson came downstairs and went straight to the door and open it. Apparently he put his shoes out hoping for a second round of chocolate. Good try bubbie!