Monday, October 13, 2008


This morning is Cody's first day back to school after fall break.   None of the little ones have to go back yet, they are on a different schedule.  Makes things interesting.

Last night I reminded Cody to set his alarm and make sure everything was packed.  Sometime early  this morning I heard his alarm go off.  I lay there listening until I was sure he was up and moving, then rolled over and went back to sleep.  What a good mommy I am. A little while later I heard the front door close.  I sat up and checked my clock.  He shouldn't leave for an hour yet. Hmmm, must have been his bedroom door.  Back to sleep.  My alarm goes off at 7. I get up and head to the kitchen to make coffee.  As I cross the living room the front door opens and in comes Cody.  He looks both happy and irritated at the same time.

"What are you doing?"  I ask.

"I don't think school starts until tomorrow, there wasn't anyone at the bus stop, I could have slept in."

"Uh, the bus comes at 7:30 and it's only 7."  Cody just stared at me in disbelief.  

"No the bus comes at 6:30."

"The bus in Jakarta comes at 6:30, the bus in Frankfurt comes at 7:30." He looked so sad.

"Oh,  guess that explains why it was so dark."  Yes, yes it does.  The next few minutes were punctuated by my laughing hysterically at the expression on his face and him bursting out with a whispered  "It's not that funny!" He was whispering because as far as he was concerned the only thing that could make it worse would be having his brothers awake and pestering him.

Sorry Cody but I had to blog this, it is too funny not to share.


Terio said...

That has to be the funniest dog gone thing I have read in ages!! Way to go Cody!

Jenn said...

hahaha, good job Cody! Everyone goes through that at some time, what makes it worse is that your mother blogs it for the whole world to read! Thanks for sharing that! (Still laughing! LOL)