Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Driving Solo

I did it! I finally drove solo in Germany. I had to pick up Alonzo at school, he stayed late for chess club. I know driving to pick up the kids doesn't sound all that impressive, but I really haven't driven much in the last couple of years. For the two years we lived in Jakarta we had a driver (Hi Haryono! We miss you!). I was really nervous driving. The road signs here are different from the states. The streets are made for teeny tiny Euro cars not big American mini-vans. Some things that would be completely illegal in the states are normal here, l like parking on the sidewalks. Other things that are fine back home are illegal here, like turning right on red. Don't try that here!

David has been coming home at lunch and driving to the school with me so that I could get used to driving again before the kids are in the car yelling and fighting. I feel for all those teens out there just learning to drive. Dave has been doing a great impression of my dad. You know, "Watch out....turn you blinker on...the light is changing....there is a woman in the crosswalk...", actually David has been very patient with me and I do appreciate that he hasn't screamed in terror, at least not out loud.

I made it to the school and back with out incident but it will probably be a while before I feel totally comfortable driving in Germany.


The Right Blue said...

Bravo, Sahannon. Onward & upward!!


Jenn said...

Good job! Chess club huh? That kid is so much like his Dad! lol

Shannon said...

I would like to point out that the after school choices were yoga, cooking, and chess. Alonzo went the manliest choice.

P.S. Dave doesn't play chess, but Cody does!