Thursday, October 30, 2008

Always Be Prepared

Colin lost his second tooth yesterday. At bed time he told Dad, "I want to put the tooth under my pillow for the tooth fairy."

Dave looked at him sadly and said, "We can't do that today, remember you need to write a letter for the tooth fairy before she will take your tooth.?"

Colin grinned and ran straight to his desk, open the drawer, and handed Dad a letter for the tooth fairy.  Short sweet and to the point.

David told him how proud of him he was and agreed to go the special box for the tooth fairy.  When he came down stairs he told me about the letter and how he wasn't sure when Colin had written the letter because we had been busy all evening.  "He wrote that letter the day he realized he had a loose tooth.  He showed it to me but I forgot to tell you about it." I told Dave. 

Guess he is learning something from Cub Scouts, always be prepared!


Jae said...

Aww! Congratulations Colin! Baby tooth 2 down. :) I love his note. :)

Terio said...

HA! I think he is going to one of the few and proud: MARINES!!