Sunday, August 17, 2008

Oh I AM sorry Germany!

This could also be titled "Never thought I would say that!"

This morning David was trying to get the kids motivated to clean up a bit, you know just get the cereal off the floor and their PJs into the bedrooms. David announced "When everything is clean we can go to the park!" This simple statement started a debate between the boys and caused me to say something I would have bet money I would never, ever say as a parent. Here's the way it went:

"But we went to the playground yesterday! I don't wanna go to the playground." One boy whined.

"I want to go to the park with the ducks."

"Ducks are stupid."

"Ducks are cool! Besides I want to go on the bridge. Mom bought bread so we can feed the ducks" (as a side-note, Mom bought bread to feed the kids sandwiches)

"OUTSIDE!" (Three year old boys cut straight to the point)

"I want to go to the big park with the cool playground"

"Outside!" (the 3 year old is now standing at the door wearing his crocs and ignoring Dad's efforts to get him to pick up his mess.)

"I want to go to the naked people park."

"Yeah that's the one I am talking about! Naked People Park with all the playgrounds. Mom can we go to Naked People Park?"

"Yes we are going to the naked people park but only if you clean up your mess first!" Mom replied calmly (OK so I was almost yelling and ready to just pick up the mess myself but I can pretend I was calm can't I?)

Yes you read that right! Yes I said it! I am taking 4 boys to a park where there are naked people, and it's not the first time! Apparently in our family Gruneburg Park will always be known as Naked People Park. Sorry Frankfurt! Sorry Germany!


Jenn said...

Can someone please tell me what Gruenburg Park is? I googled it and guess what popped up? Your post! Sheesh. So I need to know why there are naked people in your park and why you are taking your children there. Please and thank you! Oh yea..HAHAAH. I can so picture them saying that and I can imagine who belongs to which sentence! lol

Shannon said...

OK apparently can't spell any better in German than in English. It is GRUNEBURG park. Actually there should be two little dots over the U but I can't find that button on my keyboard,oh well. Will fix the spelling typo. Check back later for an explanation of the naked people issue.