Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy to be here

Although we are all happy to be here in Frankfurt, I don't think anyone in our family is happier than the cats. While the rest of the family spent the summer traveling and living out suitcases the kitties were relaxing at Aunt Teri's Summer Camp for Cats.  At least that was the plan. I am sad to say that our cats (or at least Bing) were not very good campers. Bing decided he wanted to be the boss cat and beat up poor geriatric Kitten. Teri came home one day to find black fur all over the house and poor old Kitten hiding from big bad Bing. She had no choice but to banish both Bing and Fluffy to the basement for the summer to ensure the safety of all campers.

The cats were hardly alone in the basement though. During the big crazy family get together everyone under 16 got to sleep in the basement. At one point it was pretty much wall to wall air mattresses. The cats would just chose a kid and curl up in bed with them. During the day they had their choice of beds. They also were allowed to come upstairs for a bit everyday when Bob and Kitten (the permanent residents at cat camp) had their time to stretch out on the garden.

Now that the summer camp is over the cats have had a chance to explore our new house and stake out their favorite spot. Of course it is my favorite spot too.  In the living room there is a bay window area. I shoved the love seat into the area thinking I could curl up there during Grayson's nap time with a cup of tea, the laptop, work on the blog and just relax, BUT everytime I go to sit down and have a quiet moment this is what I find!

I like it better when the cats decide to spend some quality time with the kids and leave me to enjoy my place in the sun. This morning Bing decided to keep Cody warm while he sept so I finally got a chance to enjoy the view while I drank my morning coffee.


Jenn said...

Aww, I miss your kitties. I do not think Jorden does as Bing is not as patient as our Sawyer (who has a hard life with a toddler and puts up with it lovingly!) and wouldn't put up with Jordens "love". Hope you guys are having fun in Germany!

Terio said...

I, too, miss Bing and Fluffy! They both are such loving felines. We all had fun this summer. The best night was when I had three kitty's in bed with me (Bob slept WAY up on top of the shelf in the guest bath-SNOB! If I were a cat, I would chose the love seat as well!