Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Grayson

If you listen closely at the beginning you will hear Grayson singing a solo “Happy Birthday to You!” He was a little tired of waiting while the adults made sure everything was ready: candles lit, plates ready, camera on, party guests all present…he wanted his song and his cake and he wanted it right now!

The party went very well. It is the first kids party we have thrown here at the house. Until now we have been letting the very competent party planners at the American Club handle all the details, but that just seems impersonal somehow. This time we decided to do what we have always done, throw the party at home. It turns out to be a bit harder to organize a party if you don’t speak the language of the country where you are living but we managed somehow. I made the cake, David ordered a bouncer and Cody designed the invitations. David BBQ hot dogs (does that count as BBQ?), Cody kept the little ones busy and I chopped fruits and vegies to add something healthy to the table. It went so well I can hardly wait until the next party.

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