Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fear Factor Indonesia

Monday evening Alonzo asked if he could bring home some mealworms to show me what they are doing in science class. I said "Sure, why not?" Oops My Bad!

Today he showed up with a small fish tank filled with hundreds of mealworms. It turns out that we are babysitting all of the mealworm larva and beetles from the science center for the entire Idul Fitri holiday. Suddenly my house has turned into Fear Factor Indonesia!

I asked Alonzo what he has learned about the mealworms. Here is what he has learned:
1. Mealworms are stinky.
2. When they turn into a beetle they cannot fly.
3. When they are a larva they do not have wings, and they have sections, and they have a big bum.
4. When they turn into beetles they are called Darkling Beetles.
5. Those little things are called pupa.
6. They are super super super stinky and they are "non-cat-eatable" because they are super stinky .***
7. When you grab the pupa’s tail it will wiggle around.
***Mom says we will keep the lid on anyway because I do not want to explain to the entire class why Fluffy ate their creepy crawlies.


Aprille said...

I think it's cool! I'm sure we will have our share of this happening when Julian is in school too. I can't wait! :)

Jae said...

Oh holy sweet muffins Shannon!! You're a stronger stomached (is that a word) woman than I! I'd be like NO WAY, NO HOW in my home!!! :)

So, Dav-EED is home now? Good news. :)

Hugs girl.