Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Favorite Word of all Time


Like magic all fights stop and, everyone scrambles to find what ever they didn't pack.

There are always things not packed even though Mom -that's me- spent at least 20 minutes last night interrogating various children, "Are you totally packed and ready for school? Are you sure? Do you have your PE kit?  Flute/Euphonium/Recorder?  Swim suit towel? Homework?  iPad charged? BlahBlahBlahBlah...." Lots of eye rolling and "Yessssss Motheerrrrrr" in response.  And still, every morning, the scramble.


Looks of panic. Fights stopped mid sentence. 2 minutes of mad scramble. Blessed quiet.  I can finally drink my coffee. Clean the mess left in the kitchen from 3 kids making breakfast and 1 dad making 3 lunches.  Put my feet up and just enjoy a moment of peace.


My new favorite word ever.


Nomads By Nature said...

Magical, isn't it!

Monica said...

amen! favorite word. don't like what's before it. love what's after it.